How to structure components in library

I am curious about how other companies are doing their Figma components library?

Me in my company cluster the components into groups (eg. Buttons, Toggle switch under Actions page; Banner, cards under Cards page; Header, Tab Bar under Navigation page).

However I find it very confusing and it takes much cognitive loads to think about the components under which category (ie. page), and as a designer from DesignOps team, it’s very hard to maintain.

Even tho the feature team designers are heavy users of “Search”.

How to you all put the components? Just one component per page? and put it in alphabetical order? one component for figma file or?

Originally I was grouping like you did–by “concept”–with the same issue. It required too much thinking, especially for folks who didn’t live and breath the file like I did.

So I switched to option 2–one component for page–and it’s MUCH easier to find and maintain things because you aren’t hunting for the right page, then for the right component in the page.