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How to share only a specific prototype to view-prototype-only users?

I’m trying to share a prototype to a client by e-mail, but there’s no option to select which prototype the client sees.
I think it’s defaulting to the prototype on the first page, but that’s not the one I’m intending them to see.

My use case limitations:
A. Can’t share a public link, because of privacy concerns. As such, I’ve tried the view-prototypes-only function, when inviting by e-mail.
B. I only want to share a specific prototype. When a client received the e-mail invitation, the prototype that was opened was not the intended one.

With this I ask: is there a way to share only a specific page prototype to a client?

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Hey @Francisco_Frutuoso :wave: Português?

Well, you can actually keep the same link sharing options and share a specific prototype link to a client. The only thing is you shouldn’t share this throughe mail invite directly but by sharing the specific page link by openning the prototype and copying the link.

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Yeah, the only problem is that we need to share the link in a team slack channel, but not everyone should have access to view the link. That’s why I’m using e-mail permissions.

Ah, got it :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, that might be hard but, you can always get them permissions, and on the first page (the default prototype page) you just leave a frame with links to the prototypes you want them to have access to. I’ve seen many people doing this type of stuff.

Also, se quiseres juntar-te à comunidade portugesa temos um slack específico para isso.

FoF Portugal Slack , FoF Portugal Website