How to setup overlay interaction when overlaypositiontype is a readonly property in FrameNode but essential for target reaction object?

I’m attempting to programmatically implement an overlay-type interaction within my plugin. My goal is to use a frame node as the destination, and the target/working node should have reactions defined as shared node properties, such as frame, text, instance, or component nodes.

I’m encountering an issue while creating a manual overlay with a relative position setup. The compiler reports an error indicating that the destination property overlayPositionType: OverlayPositionType (as defined in the Figma API documentation) must be set to “MANUAL,” but I’m unable to do so.

For reference, this requirement is documented in the Figma API reference under the ‘Action Datatype’:

overlayRelativePosition?: Vector: This property is applicable only when navigation is set to “OVERLAY” and the destination is a frame with overlayPosition set to “MANUAL”. It represents the offset by which the overlay is opened relative to this node.

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I have the same problem and stepped on the same path with no result.

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