How to remove all prototype links?

I’m looking to remove all the prototype links in a file. It has gotten a bit out of hand. I’m trying to avoid removing each link individually.


Hi Chris, I believe if you have the Prototype tab selected, you can right-click anywhere, one of the options will be Remove All Connections. That might save you a lot of time

Screen Shot 2021-03-18 at 12.34.19


@Camilo_Oliveira :pray: totally missed that. thanks so much!

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this is so helpful thanks @Camilo_Oliveira

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I was actually just wondering if there is a way to show a commonly linked item differently. If every page in a prototype is going to the same exact thing, is there a way to hide the connection from everywhere and only see uniquely linked elements in a flow? I am thinking something like having a master component/prototype pattern so files don’t get messy like this.

this is very helpful it saves lot of time! Thank you So much