How to prototype a varient of interactive component to another frame in another page

Hi folks,
I have a page named “Components” in my Figma file (which obviously has my components) and another page for my final frames. (Final UI)
I’ve built an interactive component on the “Component Page” but I want to connect a part of a varient of it (“Opened” varient) to some frames that are in the “UI Final Page”. (I wanna connect Academy & Contact to their related pages)

It was really hard to explain :joy:, but you can check my Figma file below.
Thanks in advance :handshake:

Here is the link:

Hi @Amirhosein_Fahimi ,
If I understand well, you would like to connect the component : “Opened” by creating an interaction with the “ACADEMY PAGE” and “CONTACT PAGE” frames?

If so, here a workaround:

  • copy your component “Opened” (CMD+C or CTRL+C)
  • paste it in your page “Final UI” => your component “Opened” becomes an instance
  • create a connection from your instance “Opened” to the “Academy Page” and “Contact Page” frames


  1. Navigate to the Prototype tab of the right sidebar.
  2. Select a layer or object for the connection’s hotspot.

You can find more information to build prototype interactions and animations here

Hope it answers your questions, do not hesitate to clarify :slight_smile:

Hi @Celine_Doan ,

Thanks for your answer :blush:
But when I do that and when I open the hamburger menu in preview, the “contact” & “article” words don’t navigate me to their related pages. I don’t know if you made a certain type of connection or not (I connected words to pages with: on tap, navigate to, but I didn’t understand what the return arrows that came from the pages to these two words were in your image).

By the way, I gave you access to edit my file so if you could please do what you have in mind so that I can understand it better.

Hi @Amirhosein_Fahimi ,
Hm, with “navigate to” , it should work too. I add the return arrows so you can come back to the hamburger menu from the “Contact” & “Article” frames.

I edited your prototype file, it should work now. Let me know if you have any other questions!

What you should see in the prototype view:

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