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How to "paste as plain text" to copy text into a Figma text field

I have 2 problems copying text between text fields in Figma that would be solved if there was a “paste as plain text” option.

  • Problem 1: How do you copy text into a text object as plain text? On a daily basis, I have situations where I have a lot of components on screens, and I want to copy text from component A to component B, where the text styles are radically different between A and B (like 36pt regular and 14pt bold).
  • If I could copy the text from A and then go to object B and select “paste as plain text”, that would solve it, but there is no such option. Does anyone know an efficient workaround that’s better than pasting the text into a plain text editor and then copying that out to then paste somewhere else in Figma?
  • Problem 2: How do you copy a URL as text into a field? Figma turns it into a hyperlink INSTEAD of copying it in as plain text. Note that “paste as plain text” would solve both.
    I will be most appreciative of any help on these chronic issues.

Shift + Cmd + V

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Problem 1: Ctrl+Shift+V (Cmd+Shift+V) will help you paste as plain text, but it only works in a Figma file, if you copy from external source, it’s not working, as I know.

Problem 2: You have to press delete the destination text before paste, If you paste it when the text “highlight”, it will become a hyperlink.

This solves it!