How to make multipe choice with checkbox, and the selected items can show on the top of dropdown list?

Hello all, I would like to create a multiple choice with dropdown list, and the items which already selected can show on the top of dropdown list, when I don’t want to select the item, the item can be deleted on the top of dropdown list, I don’t know how to make it.

For example, now I have 4 items can be selected (A, B, C, D), When I click the checkbox after A, “A” can be shown on the top, and then I selected B, “A” and “B” can be shown at the same time, now I want to delete A, the top of box can only show “B”.

I hope I explain the interaction understandable! Thanks a lot.

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I have the same issue. So far I have solved half the problem. You can show objects at the top of the list corresponding to specific checkboxes by linking a boolean variable to the layer section of the object you want to show at the top of the list. If the layer is hidden at the start you can make it visible by changing the variable to True when checking the checkbox.

The problem I have at the moment is to hide the object again when I uncheck the checkbox. In theory it should be easy to hide the layer again when unchecking the checkbox but if I have a separate checkbox component with 2 variants (checked & unchecked) I can’t have onClick interaction on the specific instance of the checkbox since the wrong variant is selected and I only have interaction triggered on the unchecked variant on the instance in the drop down.

Hi! Thanks a lot.

I found a YouTube tutorial video which might solve the problem (although the way of demonstration is slightly different from mine, I think the logic is the same.)