How to make buttons with hover tips?

Hi, I’m fairly new to Figma, I was hoping someone could answer a question.
I’ve learned to make 3 stage buttons with changes for hover and press. Is it possible to add hover tool-tips as well as having a hover state for the button?

I’ve seen Youtube tutorials for making tool-tips, and for making buttons. I cant find them for doing both simultaneously.

For context, I’m prototyping a very basic RPG main menu UI. My hope is to have mouse over changes to the buttons (basic stroke color change to highlight), and tool tips to describe their use on mouse over in the bottom corner of my screen.

Thank you in advance, any direction would be appreciated!

You can use an interactive component within a set of variants.

1- Create the 3 states you want for your button.
2- Make a set of variants out of them.
3- Use the interaction tools to set the animation and relationship between those states.

Bonus you now have a reusable component.

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