How to create a new topic

If you’re new to the forum and wondering where the new topic button is don’t worry!

We’ve currently disabled the ability to create new topics for brand new users. Once you’ve been on the forum for a little while (reading posts, liking, etc.) you’ll be promoted to trust level 1, which will allow you to post a new topic. This is only a temporary measure to help limit spam as we’ve seen a large number of new users join in the past week.

Feel free to respond to this thread if you need help posting a question and we can manually change your trust level.

Also a reminder to search before you post! :smile:



How long will it roughly take to get onto trust level 1?


@Simon_Bratel_R_Toronto It looks like you’re already trust level 1. Just refresh and you should see the new topic button.


Hi Josh,

I was about to post a new topic, can I get promoted to trust level 1?

Thank you!

Hi there I’ve broken several mice using this app - its not the apps fault but I was wondering if there are controls for an xbox controller. Like would I be able to use one to design?

A post was split to a new topic: Question about horizontal scroll

Hi Josh,

I am in a quest to find a way to embed Google Maps in Figma. Every solution I have been reading and testing out there uses a map simulation with static images.

I would like to ask the community how they overcome this problem. Perhaps there isn’t a solution at the moment. Even that would help me to relax and accept the true fact that Figma and the plugins are still being developed and don’t have this feature.

Thanks for helping out.



I’ve already posted one topic and I don’t understand why I can’t post a new one. Please unblock my access to posting a new topic.


Hello, I need to ask a question about a potential bug. Can I have level 1 access please?

Hey all, since things have slowed down a bit, we removed the TL1 limit to create a new topic. All of you should be able to create a new topic now.

We still have our auto-spam bot in place which may flag your post for review. If this happens our team will work on approving as quickly as possible. :slight_smile:

thanks for letting me know. I literally searched how to create a new post on figma forum. You should pin this to the top.