Question about horizontal scroll

Hi, I saw there are many horizontal scroll issues but all of them are closed with the same YouTube video.

I think I have a technical issue with the horizontal scroll of a frame within a frame. Content overflows, the frame is sized down so that child elements overflow the frame to the right - in prototype tab horizontal option is selected. But still when the full page is played in prototype mode, it just scrolls vertically - only thing is to click and drag to the right like a carousel but that’s not the point…


I’m guessing your prototype is a desktop one and is meant to be used with a mouse. Am I correct ?

If you would like the spin of your mouse wheel to trigger an horizontal scroll, this is not possible in Figma (unless I’m wrong) if your main frame has vertical scroll. The only way to trigger it either to press on the wheel and then move your mouse horizontally, drag, or use a trackpad’s horizontal scroll gesture.

I think this is perfectly normal as if that was possible, while you would be scrolling vertically and hit a frame that is scrollable horizontally, the vertical scroll event would suddenly end to start triggering the horizontal one. That wouldn’t be ideal if you ask me.
Not sure this is what you were referring to but here is my answer :person_shrugging:t3:.