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How do you create edge (of an existing item) snapping at the beginning of a shape creation?

Not sure how to state this question well so here goes:

I love Figma more than Sketch, but one thing that seems to be lacking in Figma is the snapping at an origin of a shape creation. I have seen other posts comment about how the snapping doesnt really show up until something is created.

Example: I have text that i am using as a label for screenshots for research on competitor screens. I decide to make a component so that it will be easier to keep the text 100px away from the image, and also align with the left edge (of the image). I might make a transparent rectangle to put behind the text, make it a component. now I can reuse that component and know the text will always be 100 px away from image, and line up with left edge.

Only problem is that as i try and start the rectangle at the top left corner of the text box, it does NOT snap to that as a point. Even if I tried to start the rectangle at the top left of the image, it doesnt catch it as a point i want to snap to. IF i draw the rectangle to the bottom right now, it WILL snap to the bottom right corner, then i have to go back, grab the upper left corner and drag it around a bit until it DOES snap to the top left corner. This is simple functionality in Sketch but doesnt seem to be the same in Figma. is there a hotkey override to make this function how I might expect it to function in Sketch or Illustrator? Is there another trick im missing?