How do I select multiple pages to order them?

I have a long list of pages in a file, grouped in sections, I want to move them to change the order. Currently I can only pick one page at a time to move them up or down, how do I select multiple pages, or groups to do this?

Being able to group the pages like layers would also be very handy, in any update.

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There is currently no way to select multiple pages.

Indeed, for reasons of page reorganization it would have been nice to allow multiple selection, and thus allow to move, duplicate or delete several pages at once.

I encourage you to open a Product ideas topic to present this use case and make a proposal. Thank you


Could you please send a link to the Product Ideas thread? Can’t seem to find it

You already wrote in that thread: Select multiple pages.
Don’t forget to vote by clicking the “Vote” button.

@tank666 Sorry Yuri, is this message for me? The thread you are sending a link to is closed and therefore I cannot vote. Excuse my ignorance, but would you be able to send me the guidelines for this forum? I’d specially like to know what happens with feature requests that have been closed - have they been picked up or forgotten? Thank you!

Hi @Gabriel_Leni, yes, my message was addressed to you. When replying to your post, you should have received a notification.

Thank you for informing! I opened the topic so that voting becomes available to anyone.

You can read the Community Guidelines here:

How to use topic categories:

Some topics close automatically after 30 days if there is no activity in them. In such topics, you will see a message from the system: “This topic was automatically closed 30 days after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed”. If you want to add something or vote for such topics, feel free to tell the moderators or forum administrators to open them.

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