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It’s currently really frustrating managing pages in a file right now. I’d love to be able to select multiple pages with standard selection shortcuts (shift, cmnd) so that I can maintain more complex file structures easier, as well as duplicate or delete multiple pages as once.


Have you received any type of reply with this issue? Im organising my files and finding myself with the same problem.

It is currently very painful to re-organize pages on a large project.

For example, I have 12 pages at the top of one file that I’d like to move to the bottom of the 30-40 pages on the file. It is difficult to move even one page currently below a long list of pages.

I think there are a few additions that would add tremendous value to my day to day:

1: Ability to hold SHIFT + Click to select all pages between the two selections
2: Ability to use ⌘ + Click to select specific pages
3. Ability to bulk move all of those selected pages to the top or bottom of the page list
4. Future: Ability to group & label selected pages - rather than creating blank pages :wink:


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I found this plugin that helped me reduce the needed time at least by 50%. It’s not the same as moving multiple pages, but at least you only need two clicks to move a page to the bottom/top.

Voted! Sketch already have this feature.Why figma can’t?

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Voted. This feature or similar capabilities would be a welcome addition.

+100. Can’t believe this still hasn’t been implemented

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Came here looking for the option to bulk edit pages :eyes: The functionality to select multiple pages should include the option to:

  • Reorder pages
  • Duplicate pages
  • Delete pages