How do I select all of the matching variants that Figma highlights?!

This has driven me BATTY for like two years. When I select a component Figma, correctly, selects the same component in other frames throughout my file. But neither “select all with same variant” or “select all with same component” will actually select the other purple instances highlighted.

What am I doing wrong? How do I select all of the instances Figma has identified?!


The result you expect is not clear to me, so not sure to answer correctly

If you select an instance of a component & do “select all with same instance”
then all instances of this component will be selected

Hi @Stephane_Popout,

My expected behavior is that only the instances highlighted in my initial screenshot–the ones with “Supplier (Required)” in the title–would be selected. However, using the “Select all with same instance” results in the following:

Which is not what I desired.

Figma clearly understands that all the instances highlighted in my original post are the same based on position/content/etc, yet there is no way that I’ve found to select just those versus selecting every instance on the page regardless of position/content/etc.

Your using the same instances of component with different values for your dropdown text…
I don’t know an easy way to select them directly like that…

I can recommend a plugin that allow more complex selection → Similayer

To match your case I would

  1. select one of the instance
  2. open the plugin and select criteria “Other Variants” & “Position” (cf screenshot)

If you find how to do it without a plugin, I’d be glad to know it :slight_smile:

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@Stephane_Popout I’ve tried Similayer before, but to your point the selection options aren’t granular enough for what I’m trying to accomplish. If they allowed selection based on a component property that would work, but alas, they do not.

What’s annoying is that Figma is clearly capable of making the selection I desire, since it recognizes and highlights the correct components in my first screenshot. But for whatever reason the Figma team hasn’t given us the ability to act on that. Sigh.


The same annoying issue on my end too. Does anyone have a solution for this issue?

I agree this is infuriating to see that Figma highlights the same element across all screens in prototyping mode but there’s no option to “apply interaction to all highlighted layers” or whatever it would be called.
I’ve used Similayer or ‘select all with’ to select them all first then apply an interaction. It seems like it should be part of the prototyping options though if Figma is highlighting them for me for no reason!


Wound up here during a search, because I figured there had to be a keyboard shortcut for this – it seems so obvious! Now at least I know I’m not missing anything.

Since the feature already exists halfway, it would be nice if the rest of it was included.

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