How do .fig files work? Can you even open them in Figma?


I use the Figma macOS client. I just saved a .fig file containing the simplest of projects.

So I right-click the .fig file in macOS Finder and tell it to open it in Figma. All it does is put the Figma window into focus. Does not open the file. Is there something I’m missing? Is there some sort of import function?

This is me replying to myself from another Figma account. Apparently, you have to go to the home screen and press this:


This is the only access point? You’d think File > Import might possibly exist. And “from other tools” is misleading here, considering this is the only way (?) to open a file created by Figma. Hopefully making this clearer, and recognizing the “open with” command from the file system, are on the backlog.

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