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How can I reduce the figma panels size?

The figma top bar and side panels are very big and left too small area for the actual content. Anyone knows how can I reduce their sizes? Thanks :slight_smile:

You can hover with your mouse on their borders, and a resize arrow will appear (with a white background, on windows at least). Eventually, press CTRL + \ to toggle the visibility of the panels.

Thanks Robert, the panels minimal width and their font size are still very big and as you can see in my screenshot they occupy half of the screen’s width. Is there anything I can do to shrink them more?

Yes there is, in the desktop app. I can’t find the menu on the web version of Figma.
This is for the app:

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Yup, you’re right; you can resize the web app whole interface using the native zoom in the browser :slight_smile:

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Thanks!!! I think I’ll use it from the desktop

Problem solved! Thank you very much!