Hover effect (prototype mode) change elemetn X position


I’m creating a hover effect on a Pause medium but when I hover over the element it changes the status (all good) but it also changes the X position of the element so it’s not working as intended (it should remain centered). It might be something simple but I can’t find the solution.


I can’t upload more images or a small gif as Im new in the chat.

Hope someone can help, thanks in advance!

Hi @Carlos_Viciana_Martinez

You may want to look into Auto layout. It will help you align everything in the middle regarding their width

  1. Group all of your buttons (pause, load, settings and credits) in a frame (F)
  2. Turn that frame into an auto-layout (Shift+A)
  3. On the right panel you’ll find a section called “Auto layout” from there you can align the frame’s children to center

if you don’t want to use Auto layout:

  1. Select all of your buttons
  2. Check on the right panel you’ll find a section called “Constraint”.
  3. From there, click on the first option and choose center

Hope it helps

Thanks! I was able to solve it using constraints, regards! :slight_smile:

Thank you both @Haroll @Carlos_Viciana_Martinez

Gonna close this topic, but it will be available to anyone else who may have a similar question :smiley: If anything else comes up, please feel free to open a new topic.