Hidden components become searchable once they are nested within another component in the same file

As already explained here without an answer: Hidden, nested components become searchable once they're used within main components

Once a hidden component is used within another component that is within a file it becomes searchable through the assets panel. Personally I don’t think this can be expected behaviour as the sole intention of hidden components is not to be searched for directly.

And there is another topic in regards to this:

  • Hidden components should under no circumstance be found within a search.
  • BUT: hidden components should receive updates when they’re updated & pushed from a library. Hidden components should then trigger an update within a file it is used.

I’ve seen this issue pop up occasionally. Try making an arbitrary update to the library, then undo that change, then publish. In a way you’re tricking Figma into thinking there’s an update. Doing that has worked for me when I see a private component in the published library.

Now, to your second point. I’ve spent a WHOLE day researching the issue around having hidden components (aka private components) receive updates. I’ve went down a rabbit hole and have determined that this is a major lacking feature in Figma libraries.

Similar to your situation, I have complex components that use one to-many private components that themselves have different variants and states. I utilize those private components inside components that are published. Those published components then get consumed across many working files. If an update is applied to the private component in the published component file, the file in which that component is consumed in doesn’t receive the update. I suspect it’s because a private component is being used as a child that is a part of a published parent component.

I’ll be making a separate thread on this topic as I feel what I’m trying to do isn’t too complicated and feels natural based on how component libraries can be set up in Figma.

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