Help text reverting to component default text in prototype

i’m having a strange issue. i have a component for a text field that can optionally have help text beneath it (reading “help text” in the master component). we want to show the specific help text defined for the individual field on focus of the field when the user clicks into it. in the builder portion of the application i can set the value for the help to show, hide the help text, and if i show it again the text i defined before is what is shown. however if the help text defined is not visible in the prototype view, clicking into a field to show the help text doesnt show the value defined for the field but reverts to the component’s base value of “help text”. is there anyway to make it display the unique help text we defined while building the screen rather than the base component value?

thanks! i didnt modify the structure at all, there is simply help text that is shown or hidden based on if “help text=” true or false. the issue is that when i say “true” so that i can add the specific help text, then make it “false” to hide the help text i defined for the instance of the component, when the interaction shows the help text in the prototype preview it doesnt show the text i defined but instead shows the default value of “help text” in its place. when i toggle the help text on and off in the editor i see the help text i defined appear/disappear but the prototype preview doesnt retain the help text i define and then hide by setting the help text to “false”.

however, i did find a work around. if i show the help text in the component in all states, butt then manually hide the visibility in the specific states i want it hidden from, the interaction works correctly.