Gradient quick 90° rotation button

I think this has been brought up but reposting just in case. Would love to see this addition for QOL.

It would be great if when you hop in to edit a gradient, that you could quickly rotate the direction by 90°.

Dragging the handles around is fine when you need a custom angle, but 9 times out of 10 (for myself and others I’ve spoken with), we just want to flip the direction around a couple times.


Hi there,

Thanks for your feedback. We don’t currently offer the button, so I will pass this along to our internal team. I think I’ve been using holding Shift and grabbing the handle to quickly rotate by 45°, but that sounds convenient!

Thank you for your feedback.

That is an incredible alternative that I did not know existed! Thanks @y_toku


Using Shift helps a bit, but it’s still surprisingly cumbersome to just rotate the gradient. You need to grab the handles and place them at the exact edges of the shape, which seems like a very manual way of doing it.

So I think a button to do it is long overdue! :slight_smile:

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