Goto frame or component from prototype

TLDR; Need a find frame/component in prototype mode to make quick edits.

I usually keep my editor view in on tab/monitor and open the prototype in another. This way I can easily update the frames or components if I find an error. But when the project is big and we have a lot of similar looking frames or components then it becomes difficult to find it in editor mode. There should be a way to find that frame or component from prototype view so that you can make quick edits. I am aware of the ‘Go to editor’ button but that will take you to the editor view from the same prototype view tab. The problem here is that when it’s a big project, it takes a lot of time to load from editor to prototype view & vice versa from the same tab. So it would be easy to right click on whatever you want from prototype view and search it in editor view or some other method to find it quickly in editor mode

Thank you.

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