Give unique access to specific pages

SWEET! :partying_face: I’m so glad it’s gained visibility.

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I often want to set up my file at the start of the project, with all pages that will be needed through all the design phases, however feel that it can confuse clients to have empty pages. Would be amazing if you could hide/show pages to people outside of your team.

Hi @Jess_Veitch ,
Others in the community have requested something similar here : Giving unique access to specific pages .
I am merging these two topics, do not hesitate to vote up top, so we can gather all the feedback and interest from the community.
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As of today this has 732 votes. If this hasn’t been actioned @Figma_Support please communicate to the community as to why so we can understand the challenges faced :slight_smile:

Hey @Jacques2,

As I mentioned 6 days ago, our team is fully aware of this feature request. We’re already working on it - we just don’t have an exact timeline.


Yes please - would be handy to give engineers access to the handover page only.

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Good to know. Thanks for updating us

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Please make this happen… Not sure how it wasn’t included by now. The initial request was made back in 2017… That’s crazy.

Right now because I have a huge library premade I don’t want to grant access to my clients to those types of files. It’s pretty annoying that I have to have a duplicate file, one for me and one for the client.


@Catalin.D -I just found this thread for the exact same reason as you, with hopes I would also find a solve scrolling to the bottom here. For me I have an old system we’re updating to a newly rebranded one, theres some systemic disconnect in the company, and I’m new, so I wasn’t given a lot of time, and didn’t know about the rebrand until 2 weeks into working here after I had started to develop a design system. So a lot of my components and pages aren’t ready yet. The way I have currently solved for this is by putting a big red circle emoji at the front of the pages that arent ready, and green for those that are, so people coming to the system as its a WIP updating to the new brand, users at least know which of these is up to date and which aren’t, but being able to hide them from other users would be SO clutch, just like hiding components, only page based.
HOWEVER … I did just think of something you could do - you could use the rename it plugin to select all the components within a page and add the . in front of the layer name for everything, thus hiding it at a system level

In our team, we use Figma full-time. However, when content writers review designs, they review separately and provide the content to the designers again. This results in the designers having to add the content to the design file again, causing unnecessary repetition. Therefore, having edit access for content writers would be very useful for us. However, we cannot give them the same edit mode as our designers. Instead, we suggest adding a box to the properties area that will allow content writers to make changes and save . This way, it will be clear who added the content and it will notify the original file owners.

Could someone from the Figma team share some workarounds or ideas to help in the meantime? I need to be able to manage our road map and link to specific sets of screens for developers, and I need to be able to send specific sets of screens to stakeholders without dropping them into the entire Figma file. What is the ideal way to do this? Our team wants to switch but we’re sticking with Sketch + inVision until this is worked out.

Congratulations! This is now available through dev mode

I saw the new dev mode, but not sure how this solves the issue. Can you please explain?

So it doesn’t give unique access to pages but by adding sections to dev mode, you can make it easy for your developers to find what is ready for handoff by marking it ready for dev.
I guess in the future they can add the option to hide everything that is not marked as ready for dev as an additional feature

There’s this topic as well and has 400+ votes on it. Maybe merge those two as both threads essentially ask for the same thing?

+1 unique access to specific pages

I need this now! I literally just had to explain to the PO not to comment on old pages on the left of my design because the a11y annotations may bet updated there instead of a later page (where the devs will see the change). LAME. Please give us page by page permissions.

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Been following this thread for a while now, we just release a tool that allows you to create shareable links for Figma design and hide specific pages, check it out here:

Share individual Figma pages with Magicul Monocle - Magicul Blog.

I would love to hear your feedback and what features we should add.


this is great! is there a way to do this with Presentation view?

Great initiative and It works super well, the only thing missing for me is access to Figma Toolbars (layers / inspector etc.)