Give admins more granular control over user permissions

Recently a new member of our team (who was granted edit privileges) deleted our component library file, which led to a series of issues until I, the admin, realized what had happened and restored the file from trash.

However, there was a chance that I never would have realized what happened, or that the user could have gone into the trash and permanently deleted that file, both of which are horrifying outcomes when it means re-creating the design system and all documentation from scratch and then replacing component instances across dozens of files with the new one.

It would be FANTASTIC if I, as the admin, could prevent editors from deleting certain files, whether that’s on a per-file basis or with an across-the-board rule like “you can only delete files that belong to you” or “you can’t delete files in this project.”

Such an option on all the paid plans and up would definitely help me sleep better at night!

Hey there, thank you for the feedback!

We’ll pass this onto our team for future consideration. There are also other alternative ideas that users have suggested here in the community that may interest you. Here’s an example: