Confirmation dialog when deleting files

When deleting files from projects, Figma doesn’t show a confirmation dialog, making it too easy. It’s even possible to mistap the Delete/Backspace key in the keyboard and the file gets deleted without confirmation. When deleting the file when it’s open, from its own central menu, a confirmation modal appears, this can be used in other instances as well.

Given that deleting a file is a disruptive action for most organisations and professionals, please add a confirmation modal whenever a user deletes a file, wherever in the app.

Yeah that’s right, confirmation dialog is important to avoid mistakes.

My real point is that sometimes we have a lot of files to delete (specifically after had downloaded a lot of files from Community)
It could be cool to enter in a “edit/delete mode” with checkboxes to do a multiple selection.
With this we would be able to delete multiple files with one confirmation dialog.

What do you think @Leonel_Vitorino ?

Makes total sense, a similar approach to iOS could do the trick.

Thanks for the feedback, @Leonel_Vitorino & @matteogonzalez!

We’ll pass this onto our team for consideration.

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