Get state-based prototype information for components?

We have an automated workflow from design → dev implementation that we’re trying to automate even further. One of the things we currently have to hardcode in the dev side is the states (&hover, and so on) which is already represented in Figma by “prototypes”. Basically we have, say, a Button with a hover and pressed state, which are done via variants. We transition each of the states on the appropriate event (While Hovered, While Pressed, etc).

On the dev side, I’d love to be able to get this information from the API so I can see “this component has this transition to this variant”. This way we can automate the state switching on the dev side and grab the appropriate data, instead of needing to manually grab each variant’s data by hand.

Is it possible to look at a single component and see the prototype data? So far when I ran the file API, the prototype data was empty, even though prototypes exist in the file/node.