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Function for setting text and loading fonts

Hi all –

Setting the text of a text node (using the Figma plugin API) is not a straightforward thing.

  1. The font or style of any character in the string you plan to overwrite cannot be “missing.”
  2. Every font/style that exists in the current string must be loaded before overwrite
  3. Font loading is promise-based

The code below loads the necessary fonts before setting a text node’s text and tests for missing fonts. It works, and it’s surprisingly fast given the tedium it puts itself through.

Disclaimer: I’m a designer, so I’m certain this code can be improved. I enthusiastically welcome feedback.

// this function loads fonts and sets text. Throws error if a font is missing.
const setTextOfNode = (textNode: TextNode, text: string) => {
    if (textNode.hasMissingFont) {
        throw  "<missing font error goes here>";
    const foundFonts = [] as FontName[];
    const len = textNode.characters.length;
    // check textNode's font & style character by character. It may contain multiple fonts/styles
    for (let i = 0; i < len; i++) {
        const fontName = textNode.getRangeFontName(i, i + 1) as FontName;
        // only add a font to foundFonts if it hasn't been added yet
        if (foundFonts.find(f => === && === === undefined) {
    // get an array of loadFontAsync() promises, one for each entry in foundFonts[]
    const fontPromises = => figma.loadFontAsync(f));
    // text is set only after all fonts are loaded
    Promise.all(fontPromises).then(() => {
        textNode.characters = text;
    return textNode;

// sample usage
try {
    setTextOfNode(myTextNode, "Text to set");
  } catch (e) {
    // error handling for missing font goes here