Fixed position when scrolling + Autolayout (Sticky Nav)

Please, please, please…. Add “fixed position when scrolling” capability to items that have autolayout. OR, a native workaround to remedy the issue. The case that I run into on nearly every project is I will have a webpage that is set up to auto-expand with the content throughout the page. For example, accordion panel content and expanding sections that will change the overall document height as items are toggled on/open when in the prototype preview. This is great for more accurate client presentations to show the intended usage of the design. The trouble is when a client wants a sticky nav AKA “fixed position when scrolling” within that prototype, we have to do some pretty odd workarounds to make this viewing experience seem natural. Or we have to simply leave it static and reassure the client that the developed page will have the sticky nav fully functioning. Not ideal to ask the client to have a good imagination about how the end result will function.


Ah. So that’s why I can’t seem to find “fixed position when scrolling” no more in the side bar… it’s gone for auto-layout items. Bummer.

Boosting this! Same use case as Original Poster but for a mobile app: I have a screen that I want to auto-expand to fit its contents as different accordion menus are expanded/collapsed BUT I still want the header and footer navs to be sticky to the top and bottom of the screen, respectively.

An additional ask would be to set a minimum frame height for the parent frame (screen) because when all of the accordion items are collapsed, the page contents don’t fill the length of a mobile screen.