File Replication (branches help)

How can I create a file replica of my main file, so that each time it is changed, the changes are automatically reflected in the replica file? Currently, I duplicate a file, add comments to assistants, they make changes, I review and make changes in the master file. I don’t want the duplicated file to change the master, but I do want it to change if the master changes. Can this be done?

Well you can use the original file as a library and reference this in the second file.
Use components and styles from the library. If you update anything in the library file those should automatically be pushed to the other files.

Read more here:

Thank you!
But this only applies if I published the original file as a library, and then what? Duplicate the original file and every change in the original will be made to the duplication? I guess only if the original used all pages as components, right?

Sounds like you need Branches:

Alas, they are only available on the Organization and Enterprise plans. There are no other ways to do what you want easily.


I appreciate your help! It’s a great tip, thanks @Gleb , helpful as always.
People who design the branch that I created must be a part of the organization, right? Can I invite outside users to the branch or do I need to pay an additional 45$ per designer?
According to the FAQ, anyone with access to the main branch can see any of the other branches. Is there a way to prevent this? What I mean is that only people I choose will have access to the branch, but members of the master won’t be able to see it.

Unfortunately I don’t know much about branches as I never tried the Org plan. Hopefully someone who knows the topic can help you.

Thank You!

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