File not saving

When i am adding new image into my figma while a wifi sign shows and its tells file is not saving. Internet is fine everting is fine. When i reload that page everything i did after that wifi sign that apears an top right side near share option nothing saved.
![image 1|690x388](upload://lwqX0ubk7PEcXBiFV6FzOpZNKoQ.png)
![image 2|690x388](upload://fzJIuV42Dvmm9JYJ22Ya7U6uBhP.jpeg)

Hey @Faraz_Ahmad, thanks for reaching out!

We can see that you also wrote to support directly on ticket #838885. Please continue working with our team there.

hello, im trying to save a frame that i have designed on Figma and selected the prototype device, but when i try to save or export a frame it only saves as the frame and with the select mobile frame though i can view the complete frame and mobile frame present and preview mode

Hi there,

Unfortunately, there is no built-in feature at the moment. However, a feature request for it already exists, and you’re welcome to show your support for it by upvoting!