Export prototype mockup view

As an UX designer, I often need to get my wireframes into device mockups to showcase them into a presentation deck for clients led by our sales teams. To do so, I like to screengrab the prototype view because it’s already inside a device mockup.

I’d like to be able to export the prototype view in the same way as we can export frames in the design view.

This way, I’d save time by not having to take screenshots, build device mockups, and resize them so that they’re all the same size when presenting multiple screens side by side.

Similarly, being able to export a gif or other video format of a prototype in action will be brilliant.

Right now, I need to record my screen while I’m demoing the prototype and then convert it to a gif so I can insert it into my google slides.


Thanks for the feedback, @Baptiste_Fauvel!

We’ll pass this onto our Prototyping team for future consideration.


Hi everyone,

Actually, this is a minor thing, but why doesn’t Figma provide the option to download files as PNG directly from the prototype preview feature? It would be very helpful if there was an export PNG feature here.

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