File background color not in sync with dark mode

Current behaviour: when creating a file in dark mode the file background is dark and respectively when creating a file in light mode the file background is light.

When working with team members, some using dark and others light mode the file backgrounds become messy very quick. It would be great if the file background wouldn’t be set either white or black but instead would always be up to date with the current mode you’re using.

Thanks for considering :slight_smile:

I have the exact same problem and actually would like this to be considered as a feature request.
I know it’s messy and problematic when you can actually attach the color you want to the background and it is awesome.

But there is one very important thing in terms of usability - when you like using either Light or Dark mode, you usually hate the other one, and when in a team, it generates discussions.
So this is just something very important to consider for collaboration.

Thanks for considering :smile:

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