❗️Figma Suddenly Dismissed All Top and Left Paddings?

Today all my components suddenly lost the top and left paddings. Has anyone encountered this weird bug today (7th of July)?


Yep we are suffering the same problem :frowning:


That’s a weird bug, why the left and top paddings? Are you able to reproduce the bug every time?


everything looks fine and when you swap any library inside the file, all the top and left padding are set to zero, we have reported this to support but they have not given us a solution.


For us it happens when copy-pasting components from a library to a new file. It dismisses the paddings.

we have reported this to support

If it’s not a lot of trouble can you update us as well in this post?

Thank you for the information!


Hi @Eduardo_Martin_Adarve ,
Thank you for flagging this! I can see in our backend that our team is still investigating the issue.
We will keep you updated for the community. Thanks for your patience in the meantime :pray:


Also have this issue. Thanks for addressing it!


We also have this issue :slightly_frowning_face:


We also have this issue

Me too. Just bought a kit to start and this happened.

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We have the same issue. Bought MUI for Figma and as soon as we select an item, the padding goes out the window.


My team has the same issue. We are trying out Figma for the first time on a project and are experiencing this issue when importing library assets from MUI. Notice that the padding looks correct in the preview on the left and in the library file itself, but gets lost upon import.

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Any updates @Celine_Figma ?

Any updates @Celine_Figma???

Also have this issue. Waiting for a fix

I have the same issue …

We are facing the same issue here, with MUI for Figma files (Material & Joy UI). On selecting an item the top and left paddings turn to zero. The same also happens with Ant Design System for Figma file. Any updates please?

Hi all,
Thank you for your patience! Our Tech quality team has been working with engineering to address this — we’d appreciate it if anyone who is experiencing this would fill out this form so we can grab some additional data: here
To protect your privacy, please do not post any personal info in response to this.

To save time, be sure to use your Figma account email, include a link to the file, and share it with support-share@figma.com (and if you can, a quick screenshot when you trigger this via copy/paste) so they can take a closer look. Thank you!


Also have this issue - have filed a bug report too.

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@Adrian_Stefan Have you mentioned to support that this behaviour only happens with the paid file, containing the master components, but not the community file? (at least this is the case for me)