Variant styling changes when I copy-paste a component

Hi everyone,
It’s been a few days now that I’ve had an issue with copy pasting or drag and dropping a button component from my design system. The button would just not be using the same styling properties.

The button includes multiple variants (primary, secondary, ghost…).
Primary is using a green, Secondary is using a grey.
When I copy paste the button with the secondary variant from one file to another, or even drag and drop from the assets section where my Design System component library is and just change the variant from primary to secondary, the styling properties don’t change and the colour changes to an Hex code, instead of calling the colour from my colour palette library (as per all the other components).

For some reasons, I don’t have that issue when I copy paste or drag and drop the component within the Design System Figma file, where the component is.

Did anyone have that issue before and can help? Would love to know what is happening and how I can solve that.

Thank you

I’m experiencing a similar issue. Copy/pasting things from one file to the other leads to different results: styling changes, things go missing, … this happened now with multiple files.

Same here even worse: copying components does not work anymore as soon as text is involved. After pasting i only see unformatted text, that’s all.