Figma Mirror app doesn't render the design correctly

When using mirroring on my phone, the design doesn’t show properly. Sometimes there are missing elements, or elements that are not fully visible.

This happens even when I open Figma Mirror on my phone’s browser.

Here’s how my design shows up:

I’m using the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Already tried re-installing the app and clearing the cache.


Here’s another example with more elements in the frame:

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I’m also having this exact issue, this started happening right after I switched to the Galaxy s22 plus.


Yea same for me. Worked fine on my Galaxy S21.

I contacted Figma support about this, hope they can help us out.

Do you know if the problem has to do with android 12 or the new SOC?

Worked fine on my Pixel 6 with android 12.
I guess it just happen on Galaxy s22 s22+ and s22u.

I have the same problem with three mobile phones, s22+ ,xiaomi12 ,oppo find x5 pro

So the problem has to do with the Snapdragon 8 gen 1.
In that case there are a total of 10 phones right now that are experiencing this problem.
Let’s hope it will be fixed sooner rather than later


Having the same issue on my S22 Ultra as well!
I hope it will be fixed soon.

This bug still exists, any comments from figma side?

I having the same issue with s22.
I hope it will be fixed soon

Same here, Xiaomi 12 Pro :frowning:

I’m having the same issue with s22 plus.


Galaxy S22 and before this the S10e

Whole designs are wildly jacked up looking…especially ones with lots of elements/layers.