Figma Helper (Renderer) is using excessive memory, why?

Not the case for me - in the example I posted a little way upthread (Figma Helper (Renderer) is using excessive memory, why? - #45 by Samuel_Baker), I had four documents open but seven instances of Figma Helper (Renderer) showing in activity monitor.

Also the memory they are taking is completely disproportionate to the file size - the largest document I had open in that example was 0.1 GB, and the processes were taking 1.43 GB, 653.6 MB, etc.

In my case the memory errors I was getting were OS errors, not from Figma. The machine was also struggling to wake from sleep, etc.

The video I shared was a case of a single frame that caused Figma total memory error. I tried to copy this frame by selecting it from the sidebar, not from the view/edit screen. Because the moment I move towards that frame and view it, the app will crash!

I pasted this frame into a new project file, I closed Figma and reopened the new one, and the app crashed again.

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Yeah, I wondered that about Renderer and number of files, but after I restarted the computer and restarted Figma with only one file open, I still got several instances of Renderer running :confused:

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Did you try to copy & paste the link without the quotations ()? the link is working for me!
For some weird reason, the crash happens for only one frame! If you can send me your email address, I’ll share with you that Figma file

I was able to get it to work I just had to check from a personal machine (we don’t use Dropbox at work). Now THAT is something I’ve not experienced, that’s an interesting issue that one particular frame triggers the memory full issue. But I do feel like that’s a separate problem from what the rest of this thread is experiencing. You should definitely start a new thread for this one and gain some visibility!


Thanks Abram

@Figma_Support are you listening to our pain?

I’m not even able to use my mac because of this. Since last week Figma started to consume a ton of memory out of nowhere. Haven’t experienced this before. The only change I made is to start using the Figma Tokens plugin. Wonder if that has to do anything with this.


@Figma_Support help please

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@Figma_Support this issue is killing my productivity. Has anyone looked into it?

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Experiencing this too.

I’m experiencing the same issue within Figma and also Chrome. By limiting all of my plug-in/extension access in Chrome the cpu usage of Chrome greatly decreased.

I thought hey, maybe this is the problem with Figma too? BUT, because you can’t edit Figma plug-in permission/usage, I deleted all of my plug-ins. It did the trick. Now I can use Figma, Zoom and Chrome simultaneously without any lag.

It’s not an elegant solution, and probably quite annoying for some (most?). I’m hoping Figma can create editable permissions for plug-ins so we can limit their background usage without having to delete them!



This has been a minor issue over the last year, with my fan becoming very loud in meetings. Only recently its become a problem with zoom repeatedly crashing.

I’ve had this same issue for about a week now.

MacOS Monterey (12.3.1)
16GM Ram
8-Core Intel Core i9

From activity monitor:

  • Figma Helper (Renderer) 84% of CPU

It basically makes my computer unusable. The fan is so loud I feel like I’m sitting next to a jet. @Figma_Support What’s up? I don’t understand how this issue has been reported for almost a year now and there hasn’t been a single response in this thread.


@Figma_Support just started with this issue, please fix as it turn my computer unusable

I’m getting the same issue now.
With my new Macbook pro M1 pro…
It forces me to close all files and keep only few opens.

Same here, for non M1 machines the desktop app (114.4) is an extensive performance decline compared to the browser (Chrome 101.0.4951.64).

Slow in loading, jerky and saves forever. Takes up 2+ G renderer space and CPU 80%-100%