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Figma Helper (Renderer) is using excessive memory, why?

Downloaded latest Figma Beta (105.1) and the issue is still present, thought the issue will be improved but no.
Opened one file, and RAM jumps up, it is already using over 4 GB. One file.

Screen Shot 2021-11-05 at 9.31.48 AM

Same with 16GB RAM. It’s just crashing my memory.

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Same issue here Figma takes up all my 8GB memory on my 2015 Macbook Air i7 Catalina, most of the time I can’t even drag a box.

To my surprise I open the same file on my 2009 mac mini with the same 8GB RAM Catalina Patcher, it runs smoothly.

Both machines on Figma 10.4.1

Anyone from Figma care to look into this?

Hi all, Figma started to consume a lot of RAM. Before it was fine, yesterday I had 8 files open and my mac started to heat up. In processes for each open file appears Figma Renderer, which consumes a lot of RAM. Figma version is the latest + mac is updated too.

Having this issue as well.

Four docs open, two tiny, two are larger but still only around 0.1 G.

This is running on a 13" 2020 M1 MBP, stock 8GB RAM, no external monitor. I did upgrade my internet connection from 100mb to 1gb recently so a network-related issue makes sense.

Any official response from Figma yet? I only do quite light Figma work on this machine but with only Figma, Slack and Chrome (with a few GSuite tabs open) running (plus Finder and Activiy Monitor) I’m getting system notifications that the machine has run out of memory.

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Same here. MacBook Pro 2018, i5, 8GB RAM. Surprisingly, it doesn’t seem to be a problem for my colleagues working on the MacBooks Air M1.


Same problem here, but just when using Vivaldi and Chrome browsers.
Tested on Firefox and Brave, and they’re using about 400~500mb ram. In Vivaldi, the ram usage grows to 8~9gb ram.
Is this related to some kind of hardware aceleration in browser? Or anything else?


Tested again, and it has no patterns. Using same project on Firefox, sometimes it consumes 6gb ram, sometimes consumes 500mb. Weird.

100mb internet connection, cable.

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I have tried Firefox too, but after a while RAM starts to balloon.