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Figma Helper (Renderer) is using excessive memory, why?

Hello everyone, I’m trying to discern what the underlying issue is here. This has only been really presenting itself as a problem in the past few days, but for some reason almost any Figma project I have open winds up consuming essentially all of my system memory.

I’ve noticed that this happens regardless of how many project files I have open. While I’m not experiencing any crashing of the application, it does bring my work laptop to a grinding halt and creates an essentially unusable experience. Is there any reason Figma is utilizing so much memory? Are our working files just too large?

For reference, I’m using the desktop app on macOS 10.15.7 and as far as I am aware this is the latest version available.

I’m really scratching my head over this one as to why it’s popped up as an issue so suddenly. Granted this Macbook Pro is just a base configuration, so it may just be a performance limitation, but I wouldn’t expect Figma to be stressing the machine out worse than Adobe’s Creative Suite. Any insight is most welcome! Please let me know if you need any specific information.

Thanks Figma Community!


I am also having this problem

Have you been able to track down any reasons why it’s happening on your end? In the time since I’ve posted it I’ve had to resort to only keeping 1-2 files open at any given time and I’ve had to once again switch away from using Chrome (though in the instance captured by my screenshot, even Chrome wasn’t using excessive resources as it tends to do).

So the only variable right now is that I switched my browser to Microsoft Edge. Figma is still using massive resources but my system is doing slightly better with managing the memory pressure, though it’s using huge amounts of Swap which is concerning to me.

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I am also facing the same. And running figma on a 4k monitor (scaled down) makes it worse.

I am also having this problem, Figma is choking and 10+ instances of this task are using ~8gb of RAM.

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Same problem here (MacBook Pro, 5K Display)

Similar issues over here

Anyone have a solution for this?

This is with a 4k monitor as well

I am having the same issue. The figma renderer uses a lot of ram and I get the same problem either using chrome or safari. A temporary solution I found is to hide unused artboards but obviously this does not work for everyone.

Figma 99.0 - iMac 5k display
Any solution?

Figma 99.0 - Mackbook Pro 16gb RAM 2,2 GHz Intel Core i7 de 6 cores Big Sur 11.5.1

Please, any solution?

Thank you

I have not yet found a viable solution, but my workaround is to limit the amount of given files I have open to 2-3 maximum. That’s at least keeping my Mac from creating too much memory pressure but I’m still getting slowdowns.

I have to keep almost all other apps shut down to prevent them from drawing background resources.

Same here. Bad thing!

I had this with a 3440 x 1440 monitor, and now, with a 4K 3440 x 2160 much worse. I have observed that the values change extremely when you reduce the size of the app window. For example, from 1.1 GB to 1.8 GB just by dragging the app window a bit larger. Maybe the Figma team can pause with new features for now, and rather fix this problem. I can hardly work like this. Every click I do almost twice :frowning:

Hello! I work on the desktop app at Figma and have been trying to figure this one out. Would one of you be willing to have a Zoom screenshare meeting to help isolate the problem? Please email biru@figma or DM me here if you’re up for it.


Thanks Biru! I sent you a follow up email.

This is also happening for me. Only started a few weeks ago so I assume one of the latest Figma updates has an issue. It freezes up Zoom and makes Chrome unusable. I have similar memory CPU usage as seen in the screenshot posted earlier.

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Same issue here. Almost impossible to work like this.

MBP + LG 5K display.

my figma is already start crushing because it using way too much RAM

I’m glad this topic is finally getting some visibility. Same issue here. and I have two machines where it happens. M1 and Intel 2020

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Hi everyone. So, I had been trying to provide feedback to Figma’s internal team, but the dev I had been working with no longer appears to be at the company. (If this is incorrect, I apologize!)

We had been testing multiple configurations and trying to find the root of the problem but this week randomly my memory issues have returned at the same levels from my original report in June. My computer is essentially unusable with Figma Desktop running. I hope we can get another dev to help us figure this out because it’s obvious I’m not the only one experiencing this issue. It is also wide-spread at my company with the majority of our designers experiencing the same problems. For reference, I’m now operating on Big Sur (Company just approved our update recently) and my Figma Desktop version is now 101.6