Figma Desktop crashes when opening a project

Hey. Today I was working on my projects, and as soon as I closed the Figma app in my Windows machine, when I reopened it started crashing when opening any project file.
I’m able to enter the main screen, but not projects.

I reinstalled the program, deleted the /Roaming/ and /Local/ folders… Nothing works… What can I do?


It is happening with me too, I tried everything, but it keeps crashing…


Having the same problem shows Figma agent has stopped working

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Same here.

Also from today Figma Agent crashes when opening Figma in Chrome or Firefox.

Same problem unfortunately :sob:

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I found out that Figma now requires windows 8 or later. where my pc is windows 7. Is it the main issue for not opening the desktop app?

i got same problem. Here what i do to fix this: Figma crushing and it's solution for it
Works on my windows 7 machine

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Same. The desktop version does not work

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what version of windows?
windows 10 - program running
windows 7 - error

same problem, something is wrong with the updates. I also want to find a solution to this problem

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Im not sure if it’s just a bug on Windows 7 but my thoughts for this is that Figma team dropped support for Windows 7 (On W10 works fine). As the program is a web based tool, I don’t think there is a workaround for this…

I hope I’m wrong and maybe is just a bug on this OS versions and can get fixed soon.

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The workaround that @Archie_Shell-Shocked found is working

This is what to do:

  1. Get app-116.3.8 (Figma crushing and it's solution for it - #3 by Archie_Shell-Shocked) and place it in C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Local\Figma.
  2. Rename or remove the other packages starting with app… and remove Update.exe

Seems that older version don’t crash the app on Windows 7


I can confirm this is working. Thanks

Guys this work just for one time, after next start app not work again

Ant also Figma agent crushed every time

I just uninstall windows 7 , and install windows 10 :slight_smile:

It does work, just make sure to remove full control permissions for the folders, so Figma can’t replace files

Personally, I would like to get a response back about this recent change from the Figma team; has Windows 7 support been discontinued? (In the Figma Browser Requirements it says Windows 8.1 is required, but this warning was there from May 2020, and Windows 7 has been working until this month)… Is it a production error?


Hey, i just upload another file. Now tabs is working for me. Can you reinstall it and check if its working?

Thank you so much!!! :black_heart: