Figma crushing and it's solution for it

While working in app and for some unknown reason app crushed and won’t open.
While i try to open it, it tries to load for 3 seconds and immediatley keeps closing.
In task manager process “Figma agent” is still hanging but in system tray there is no icon show up.

I found a solution for it. There were 2 version in main folder:
just reanamed the latest version and it’s opens.

If someone has the same problem, try it, but just in case, backup both folders if something goes wrong.


Hi. I would try this but I don’t have those versions… as I reinstalled Figma on the try to get this fixed…

Could you pack and upload those files so i can try it out? Thanks

uploaded the link: file/cPBgjZqC#ep0KDfYJl4lVZtbU9ZGagT4ECwpvk1DOemVQnf0Z0Fg

Comment if it work

Wow! It works
Really appreciated. Thanks!

Now we would need a workaround to block automatic Figma updates so it doesn’t get updated to the newest one, which crashed on Windows 7.

figma stop crashingm but project tab can’t be selected. only files list is avaliable for me

I did something with files and now tabs is working.
Here another file. Pls comment if it helps:
[89.4 MB file on MEGA]


Your previous file was already working as expected. What’s the change?

idk really what i did . Experimented something with files, and for somehow tabs with old projects starts working and no figma agent crush pop-up.

Its in the same direction as your ‘workaround’ but why don’t you just use an older ‘FigmaSetup.exe’ from earlier this year? And make the change the permissions for FOLDER to ‘write disabled’. I also deleted the update.exe just in case

For now that was the solution for me.

Thank you for this and the mega file - it worked a treat! Please keep that file up as future users may find it a lifesaver too!

For me it was version Figma - Download Figma for Windows
116.4.2 that did the trick. This version is from the end of last year. So you are missing a lot of features. But it works for me.

Thanks buddy, it was a life saving trick. :raised_hands: