Figma App should mirror actual size

When mirroring a frame to the Figma App on either iPhone or iPad, it automatically fits the frame to the screen, but I desperately need it to stay the actual size. I’m designing for screens (ie: automotive) that aren’t the size of the tablet/device I’m mirroring them in and need to see a preview of what they’d look like in prod.

This should be so simple to include as an update but for whatever reason it’s not available.


100% agree. I’m designing at for devices with a minimum viewport of 375px wide.

When using Figma Mirror on my iPhone 14 Pro Max which has a width of 430px, the screen becomes stretched.

The workaround:

  • wrap the 375px design in a 430px artboard and mirror that. Very cumbersome when designing a lot of different screens. Even more complicated when creating prototypes.
  • design on 430px screens. Downside is that you easily make your design too wide to fit properly on 375px screens.

Both are not ideal at all.

Proper solution: 100% Actual Size

Best solution would be an ‘100% Actual Size’ setting in Figma Mirror on mobile. This could then display the selected artboard of 375px on the 430px device screen and fill it with black all around so the screen size is more realistic.

This would be such an improvement already.

Perfect Solution: Scale using Device PPI

It would be even better if it would take the PPI of the target device you design for 375px and scale appropriately to the PPI of the Figma Mirror device. This would not even be too crazy to work, since Figma has the resolutions for the most popular devices stored in the app and could store the PPI in there as well.


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I’d also like to add that this should be carried across to the Web Figma Mirror too ( because the same issue occurs there.

@Patrick-Plaggenborg posted the topic I raised a year ago, but here it is again :slight_smile:


Adding a +1 to this. I have an iPad and I’d like the option to view a frame in its native size, full-width, or other dimensions. Can we bake a setting like this into the app please?