Figma Mirror: Option to preview at 100% regardless of frame size

Whenever I’m previewing a specific component on Figma Mirror (for example if I’m experimenting with button interactions or states of a components), the component’s preview is always set to fill the width of my browser window and this is never the most helpful option. I want to be able to set it at 100% so I can preview my designs at their intended size.

What happens (Assuming I’m previewing the interactions of a button):

  • I open Figma Mirror on my secondary screen
  • I select an instance of a button
  • The button appears in Figma Mirror and fills the browser window


  • The best workaround is for me to always have a frame I can drag a component into for previewing but sometimes this just isn’t ideal

Proposed solution

  • Outcome: Just having the ability to set the preview size to 100% in Mirror (regardless of the frame’s size)
  • Whether this is a Figma Mirror control or within Figma’s settings, I’m not too opinionated on but having a preview scale all the time is rarely what I want.
  • It’s worth mentioning that I do love that Figma Mirror is flexible and respects constraints, it’s just the preview size I’m concerned with.
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