FigJam: Locking objects (lines) in bulk is not working

Per the title, I’m finding that if I create a layout in a Figjam using lines (for instance, a grid), I cannot lock them all in one fell swoop.

Expectation: Click and drag to select all lines, and use either CMD + SHIFT +L or use right click “lock/unlock” will make those elements locked and unselectable.

Actual: Click and drag to select all lines, use either of the above commands, and the objects then become deselected. I can then click on and edit each of them because they are not locked. I CAN however select each individual item and lock it without issue.

Hey @Jordan_Morris,

Thanks for flagging this!

We’ve updated the topic to a FigJam > Bugs. Is this happening both in browser and using the desktop app? Are you able to share a screen recording?

We’ll pass this along to our team to investigate.

This is desktop only. Video is attached!