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Feature Request: Shortcut for publishing library and automatically updating files

My team and I are currently having the inconvenience of having to publish our library every single time we make even a small change (like a font size increase, color change, etc.) and then switching to the working file and manually updating the library. Due to the nature of the project we do this quite frequently and having to publish – switch file – update every single time to see the changes in our designs turns out very time consuming if you add it up.

It would be amazing if Figma could integrate a shortcut for automatically updating a library and automatically updating the files it is being used on (like a cmmd+S shortcut!), of course not everybody might want to have this so it would also be nice to be able to turn this shortcut on and off.

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This is bugging me too. I can see thee value is huge organizations but for a small shop wanting to do things right, its a waste of time. Wish I could select autopublish. Thanks!

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