Feature Request: Missing Text Style in Dev Mode


Hello there,

I’m absolutely love Dev Mode and actively exploring all the fantastic updates in Figma! However, I’m finding it quite challenging to locate typography information, such as text styles, within Dev Mode.

In the CSS preview, typography details sometimes appear only as internal annotations, and it’s also available in the Layers panel for each text layer.

I kindly request you to share your experiences and vote on this matter. I believe it would greatly benefit the Figma community.

Thank you all for your support!


Hey @SaharJafarian,

Thanks for the share, and so glad you’re loving Dev Mode so far!

If you haven’t already, can you also share this feedback through our in-app submission form when toggled into Dev Mode:

Our team is looking through all feedback during the beta period, though I can’t guarantee an ETA on any improvements.

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