Feature request: Library analytics: overall library usage, across libraries

Many companies split out their libraries into multiple library files.

As someone leading a design team or as someone who has an requirement or goal for library adoption, I would want to see:

Change over time of:

  • Total component inserts across all libraries and teams
  • Total number of detachments across all libraries and teams
  • Component creation: with and without including variants in the figure.
  • Number of design files created. Eg: component usage has gone down, but this is due to less design files being created generally.

Eg: I would want to evaluate if people are using library components instead of creating things from scratch / detaching or screenshooting things.

I would want to be able to hone in on what components are being detached most frequently across all libraries, so that I can see if a certain component needs improving.

I would want to see which components are being used the least, across all libraries, or a sub set of libraries.

I may want to export all this data, if I need to create any of my own bar charts, off the back of it.

I may want to see who is using the libraries most / who is creating the most components / who is detaching the most…though this feels creepy, it may help reward people or give people more support.

All these things may help teams improve library adoption.

I would love to be able to export the charts and table in the Figma viewer, that would be incredibly helpful, as it’s an OKR our design system team reports to leadership

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