Feature Request: Image Links

I’m exploring moving from Miro to Figjam…

Something powerful in Miro is the ability to turn anything (including images) in to a link, thus building a visual representation of navigable structures. I see Figjam only has the ability to turn some elements in to links (and annoyingly has to have the full link text visualised)

I wonder if this is something others would value too…

and annoyingly has to have the full link text visualised

You can turn any text into a hyperlink without changing the text itself.

As for images, you can just use the open link interaction:


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Thank you I will explore further!

You’re welcome. Let me know if you have any more questions. You can click the checkbox under my previous comment if it works as a solution for you.

Thanks, it’s a partial solution. The real thing here is being able to link from a shape or a group! :slight_smile:

image, shape or group! *

Did you try the open link interaction mentioned above?


Ah - I don’t see this option. Can I clarify that we’re talking about Figjam and not Figma here pls?

How should I find this menu pls?

Can I clarify that we’re talking about Figjam and not Figma

This detail completely escaped me, my bad. This forum should really improve the tag system. :face_with_head_bandage:

FigJam is very limited in this regard. You can add text to shapes which you then can link. Linking whole shapes or images is not possible to my knowledge. I suggest adding your link as a separate element.

Below, I’ve used the link widget.


Ok cool, thanks for your help - this can work(ish) for now :slight_smile:

I agree that this should be a feature though, so I’ll upvote this.

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