Export issue

Hi @Tianyi_Duan, Thank you for bringing this to our attention! I appreciate you sharing the image. I completely understand if you find this situation unusual.

You can check the details of supported export formats and settings here: Export formats and settings

If you are facing something not covered in the above document, in order to assist you better, could you provide more context?
Also, it seems you have selected the Plugins and Widgets API category for this topic. Is this issue related to a specific plugin?

It would be incredibly helpful to share a video recording or screenshots of the issue along with a description. Please include the whole window select any layers you’re having trouble with, with the properties and layers panels visible, and expand the relevant layers.
This will allow our community to try replicating the issue in our own files for investigation.

Additionally, while this topic may be a bit old, here might be a similar discussion with a workaround: Figma Dashed Stroke Export Bug
Please take a look!

​​We look forward to hearing from you soon. If other community members have experienced something similar and have insights or workarounds, please feel free to share!

Thank you.