Figma dashed stroke export bug

Henlo Figma ppl! :wave:

I’m trying to export a component as SVG, all fine and dandy except when I export it, the dashed strokes don’t appear to be the same as the ones in the design.
In Figma, I have this simple box component, exported to SVG, and it looks off, here’s a comparison:

Which has dashed lines off, Is this a bug? Anyway for me to fix this?

Thank you, and have a nice day! ヾ( ̄▽ ̄) Bye~Bye~

Same issue here. Did you find a fix?

I ended up contacting support, and unfortunately ended up losing patience as they kept switching topics, asking me for details I have already provided and genuinely felt like they were avoiding the question. Like— They told me “The gradient functions as expected” when I have never even asked or brought up gradients. So I gave up T^T

Thanks for getting back to me. I’m gonna try to reach out to their support team. Maybe they will help, if not I guess I’m just gonna have to find something else to use like Adobe Illustrator.

Good luck! I hope your experience goes better than how mine was. I’d be beyond grateful if you could get back to me with a fix if you end up finding one!

Of course! I’ll let you know if they give me a solution.

They have not responded to me yet, but after some experimentation I figured out a solution. I exported it as a PDF instead of an SVG.

Then, I used a PDF to SVG converter (PDF to SVG | CloudConvert).

Hope this helps!

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This worked perfectly for me! Thanks for mentioning this workaround :raised_hands:

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Important note: with this method outlines are converted into vector objects. However, this is not my desired result and it’s also possible in Figma via “Object > Outline Stroke”.

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