Error when trying login by SSO

Hi guys!
At the company all employees are having the same problem with the SSO:

  • If you’re already logged on, you can use Figma normally.

  • But if you try to log on using another browser, or if a new employee tries to log on for the first time, it doesn’t work. After typing the e-mail address, Figma direct us to the company SSO page, and when we type e-mail+pass and confirm, we get the message “An error occurred. Please try again” on a black page:

Any tips on solving this?
Thank you!

Hey @Ramon_G,

This tends to happen when you try to enforce SSO sign when you haven’t signed in through SSO. If you sign out, then sign in with SSO and try again, it should work.

If you or anyone else from your company continues to run into issues, please reach out to the support team directly via this form for help: