"Error: unsupported type in createVMObject: HIGHLIGHT" when using the new Highlighter tool in FigJam

If a new Highlighter tool was used in the FigJam file, then plugins and widgets may encounter the Error: unsupported type in createVMObject: HIGHLIGHT, which can lead to a complete stop of the plugin/widget. That is, functions such as findAll, findOne and others don’t work at the moment, and it is also impossible to get the children of the page (figma.currentPage.children) and the selected node (figma.currentPage.selection) if Highlighter layer is selected.

Steps to reproduce the problem

  1. Open or create a new FigJam file
  2. Select the Highlighter Tool (Shift + M) and draw a line
  3. Open the console
  4. Enter figma.currentPage.findAll(node => console.log(node))

Expected result
The console will display a list of all nodes without errors.

Actual result
The console doesn’t display a complete list of nodes and an error is present:

Uncaught Error: in findAll: unsupported type in createVMObject: HIGHLIGHT
    at PageNode.findAll

Additional information
The problem with GIF as MEDIA type has been resolved, but an error has appeared with the HIGHLIGHT type.
try {…} catch {…} construction doesn’t help.

Thanks for this report—we’re getting a fix for this out today!

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Bug fixed.